Thursday, June 1, 2017

This is a Greg Arceneaux design for a custom pedestal table we shipped to Kansas.  The pedestal is actually made of 14 pieces.  The drum of the pedestal is 31 slices of the antique cypress.  this project required geometry for the many slices and angles, jigs for most of the slices and pieces and lots of engineering!!

This is the final product

Here are some of the pieces / parts

This is the coming together.........

This is the total 14 pieces of the pedestal.  Our dear customer, Sandy, received the table this week and this is what she sent me via text:  "It is beautiful, elegant, and has so very much personality all at the same time.  Hard to translate into words but here's some I have chosen.  Grand A Magnificence that is achieved thru talents and skills combined with age/passage of time.   Alive!!   Giving.   Happy and Playful.  Motion/Movement.   It's own, Unique.  Amazing!!!   Can you tell we like it?  Thank you both again for making this table for us!!"